Nature latex material

Our present is full of problems and tensions. This necessitates a quality recovery of physical and emotional strength! That is why latex is often associated with comfort, rest and healthy sleep. Latex orthopaedic mattresses are available in almost every home. What is this miracle material and why did it become so popular?

First, latex is useful for humans and is therefore considered the best filler for mattresses. Natural latex is made from the milk juice of the Brazilian Heave tree. In other words, it is a natural rubber. On plantations, the juice is collected in containers, transported and checked for quality. It is then foamed to a homogeneous thick mass and poured into appropriate moulds. At the end of the technological process, you and I see highly elastic, resilient and durable modern mattresses. Interestingly, the production of only one takes about 200 litres of raw materials.

100% natural latex mattress according to European standards must contain at least 85% natural rubber, the rest are additives-stabilizers. It does not cause allergies, provides protection against fungi, mites and pathogenic bacteria and is thus successfully used by the world's leading clinics.

Secondly, it can withstand heavy loads, because latex belongs to the group of elastomers, macromolecular compounds that have the ability to very large back deformations. Thanks to this, your sleep will be natural, and each part of the body gets the appropriate comfort.

Given the above facts, we can conclude that latex is best for the child! In Tweeto you will find for your children very beautiful, comfortable cots with mattresses from natural latex of the corresponding European quality. What could be more important is the confidence that your baby's sleep is truly healthy and comfortable!

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