Natural fabrics

Today, the textile industry offers a wide variety of fabrics. How to choose the one that would be perfect for your baby? The main criteria are naturalness and environmental friendliness.

The basis of a natural cloth consists of elements of environment. This is the thread of silkworm, and the fibres of flax and cotton or animal wool. Cotton is used for children's products. Bedding, diapers, shirts, sliders from it will always be soft, elastic, warm and pleasant to the touch. In contact with the delicate skin of your baby, this fabric will not cause any irritation or allergies.

Other canvases are created artificially, on the basis of the synthesized chemical or natural materials. And here is something for parents to think about. The further healthy development of your baby depends on what material the crib is decorated with and what bedding you use.

What makes children's skin incredibly vulnerable is that it is five times thinner than an adult's skin and more responsive to touch and temperature fluctuations. That is why it is much easier for any substance to penetrate the skin of the new born, the child is more likely to catch a cold and vice versa, which contributes to the risk of disease. This is a good reason for the contact material to meet high standards.

In the market we can find many children's products from various fabrics, including budget (synthetic or with synthetic components). Therefore, taking into account the above facts, loving parents should carefully analyse the offers of the market. Of course, the economic factor is very important, but it is about your child! Checking that the textile material does not contain potentially dangerous components and dyes will help you reduce the risk of allergies and irritation to a minimum. It is important to remember that synthetic additives should not exceed 10%. In addition, natural fabrics promote better thermoregulation, which will protect your baby from excessive hypothermia or heat in winter and summer.

Tweeto takes into account the environmental friendliness, quality, structure of fabrics, the safety of their dyes, thus taking care of the health of your children.


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